What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever gotten out of your pool?

Pool owners here in East Tennessee are accustomed to dealing with all sorts of wildlife. It comes at no surprise to find frogs or snakes in the skimmer or even the occasional possum or raccoon swimming laps in our pool. One summer evening a few years ago, I encountered something new. As I pulled into my driveway one evening, my headlights revealed about 5 or 6 deer standing around my pool. They scattered as I approached, but one jumped over the fence straight into the pool. I went to the back porch to find a young fawn swimming circles in the shallow end, Who knew deer could even swim? Worried for its safety, I boldly dove in and was able to rescue the exhausted animal. After a quick towel dry and a few photos, I was able to reunite the deer with its mother, who was waiting near by.