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Why do I backwash?

Your sand filter works extremely hard to keep your pool clean by catching debris and contaminants in your water. Similar to how a vacuum cleaner bag needs emptied when full, your sand needs cleaned when it is full. This process is called “backwashing.”  This process plays a major role in keeping your pool’s circulation system flowing properly. Last week we had new pool owner whose water was cloudy. After testing the water, we discovered pH, alkalinity, calcium, stabilizer and chlorine were within acceptable ranges. After a few questions, we discovered they did not know anything about backwashing the pool.  Within 2 days, the customer’s water was clear and sparkling again. Backwashing is a simple process that should be performed when the pressure in the filter reaches 10 PSI above the starting point. If unsure of the starting PSI, it’s perfectly fine to backwash at any point and make a note of the starting pressure afterwards (please make sure the pressure gauge returns to “0.”  If it does not, you may have a bad gauge.  If that is the case, replace the gauge).  Regular backwashing will improve your water clarity, water quality, extend the life of your filter sand, and help keep your pool ready to enjoy!