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Watch Out for Fillers

Chlorine tablets are essential to maintaining a clear and chemically balanced pool. Placing a few tablets into the skimmer basket or chlorinator allows sanitizer to be slowly released into the water as the tablets dissolve. Tablets are the first line of defense to kill bacteria and other micro-organisms and preventing algae from growing. When choosing a tablet for your pool, it is important to know not all tablets are the same. Although they look identical, many brands dilute their products by including non-chlorine filler ingredients. We recommend using Bioguard Complete Silk Tabs for several reasons. In addition to containing 91% available chlorine to sanitize the  water. Bioguard’s proprietary Silkguard technology softens your water for a silky smooth swimming experience. Silk tablets are also tightly compressed which makes them last longer. Unique algae fighting crystals are also added, resulting in the best protection available from any tablet. Once you try these tablets, you will never want to any other brand.