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Solar Cover

Summer and winter really battle it out in the month of April. The weather can be sunny and 80 degrees one day, then 40 degrees and raining the next. This can cause major headaches for those trying to prep the pool for the swimming season. Would you enjoy a simple solution that would allow you to start swimming earlier and keep swimming longer in the fall? A solar blanket focuses the energy from the sun to help heat your water earlier in the season; furthermore, when a solar cover is used at night it prevents heat loss and evaporation. Keeping more water in the pool will not only save you on your water bill, but less evaporation will require less chemicals to be added to maintain proper water balance. If your pool is already equipped with a heater, adding a a solar blanket will reduce the costs to maintain a comfortable temperature. Many customers have told us their solar blanket has paid for itself in less than one season. If you are looking for a simple way to swim longer and save money in the process, a solar cover is truly a must have.