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Sand filter or cartridge filter?

Almost all big box retailers sell some version of an above ground pool. Whether they are soft-sided or steel-walled, these smaller pools are great options for first time pool owners. Most of these pools come with a cartridge filter between 6-12 square feet and a pump capable of moving between 500-1000 gallons of water per hour. Many owners find despite following all the proper steps, they continue to suffer from algae or cloudy water. The cause is often the filter is too small and the pump too weak to keep the water clear. For the best swimming experience, consider upgrading the factory system to a small sand filter. The Hayward V12 is compatible with most systems and will improve not only the filtration, but with its 1800 GPH pump, boost water flow as well. The end result is an easier to maintain, sparkling clear pool. Another benefit is the ability to manually vacuum the pool and backwash the filter. The end result of upgrading your system is increased performance and more time to enjoy your pool.