It is important to monitor your water chemistry to keep your chemicals balanced and your water clean and clear. If you purchase your chemicals from Isaacs Pools & Spas, we offer complimentary water analysis services. We’ll help provide you with detailed recommendations to balance your water.

Below are some helpful tips to remember to ensure you get the most relaxation out of your hot tub.

  1. When filling your spa for the first time or re-filling, allow water to reach 80-90°F before adding spa chemicals. This allows them to dissolve properly.
  2. When adding spa chemicals, turn on your jets so they can be properly dispensed throughout your spa water.
  3. Swimsuits should be rinsed in the washing machine without detergent before wearing them in your hot tub. Detergent can create foam in your tub that can be difficult to get out.
  4. During weekly maintenance, don’t forget to check you pH and alkalinity levels and adjust accordingly.
  5. Never use “at home” cleaners in your hut tub as they can tamper your water chemistry and introduce foam in your spa. Always use cleaners formulated for spas such as Bioguard Kleen It.
  6. Most importantly don’t stress! We are here to help you maximize the benefits of your spa. Call 423-542-2391 or text 423-524-9284 if you have any questions or concerns!